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Bed bugs are arguably the least desirable pests you would want in your home. These creatures are extremely small and feast on the blood of their warm-blooded hosts. Bed bugs multiply exponentially with females laying up to five eggs per day! They are resilient and able to survive up to twelve months without a blood meal. S&S Pest Control provides the fastest, safe, and most environmentally friendly services to remove bed bugs from your home without having to destroy all of your furniture too.

Protect and prevent your home from being infested by these undesirable bed bugs by inspecting and following these tips. Inspect all cracks in your bed frame, walls, paneling, etc. Thoroughly examine your mattress from top to bottom, side to side, sheets and seams, all the way down to the box spring. If you suspect you are being visited by these unwanted guests, contact S&S Pest control immediately, so you can prepare to get these creatures out of your home as soon as possible!

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S&S Termite and Pest Control is at the forefront in the treatment of bed bugs with years of experience. We will use our extensive knowledge and experience to eradicate your home of these painful pests. S&S offers a custom treatment plan with the use of the Heat Remediation System for elimination of Bed Bugs. We use only the latest and most advanced Thermal Remediation equipment that is both safe and environmentally friendly to treat your residence or place of business. We can send you a detailed brochure about the treatment process.

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