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Our clients benefit from our use of one of the most thoroughly reviewed termite products in history in Termidor.  Termidor’s active ingredient, Fipronil is safe enough to be used on food crops and is dispensed by veterinarians for use on our dogs and cats for flea and tick control.  In fact, no other termite treatment of any kind, has achieved such renowned acclaim for its effectiveness.  This revolutionary odor free and undetectable technology eliminates termites more effectively and faster than any other product on the market.

It consistently has been proven to grant 100% control of subterranean termites up to six times faster than baiting and monitoring systems.  Since the product is undetectable and termites are not repelled by it, they crawl freely through the treated areas and transfer the Termidor product to other termites through a process called trophylaxis. Every termite it contacts will contact others in the colony and all will be eliminated.

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From time to time, there are instances when standard liquid applications are not feasible. Sometimes, construction restraints limit our ability to reach areas where termites may have access into a home or a homeowner may have an acute sensitivity to the treatment. It is these instances when we employ the use of termite baiting technology as a secondary means of control. Rest assured, for the most effective control measures and mutual peace of mind, we use the most sensible and respected treatments available in the industry.

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