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S&S Pest Control has developed the most strategic approaches to rid and keep your home free of pests. We specialize in controlling all kinds of pests and getting them away from your home or office. We even customize our approaches for special infestations to make sure you get the best service and freedom from pests possible.

Our services are preventative in goal and exterminating in action. We make sure to treat your home from the outside in. Most pest activity begins outdoors, while they find or force their way in to your home. S&S stops these critters in their tracks by cutting off entryways and treating the areas they are most likely to nest.

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Our VIP Vanguard program treats at the source and eliminates activity before it has an opportunity to move inside. Of course when there is activity inside, we want to safeguard the interior of your home as well.  Rest assured, our interior treatments are well thought out and planned programs for every possible type of interior infestation.

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