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S&S Termite and Pest Control is serious about protecting our loved ones. Protect your family and pets with the finest mosquito control available! Responsible mosquito and pest control solutions that target biting insects help families keep their outdoor spaces comfortable and safe from disease bearing insects. Don’t wait for the first bite; protect in advance and save your family from nasty mosquito bites and spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family.

For cities, towns and civic organizations dedicated to providing an enjoyable, safe environment for outdoor activity, mosquito control allows continued enjoyment during warm weather months when demand is highest. If you have outdoor spaces, eliminating mosquitoes can boost business, ensuring customers’ comfort and safety. Golf courses, dining patios, outdoor stages, theme parks – when your business relies on visitors being comfortable outdoors, S&S Termite and Pest Control is the solution!

We Know what works

S&S features s a variety of services perfect for transforming your yard into a peaceful place for you and your family. Our most popular treatment is a barrier spray treatment that protects your yard for up to three weeks at a time. We also offer an all-natural mosquito control treatment option that repels mosquitoes for two weeks at a time. Finally, misting systems can create a more permanent solution.

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