Roaches are considered by many to be disgusting, known to carry pathogens that can pass on diseases, seem to always sneak up on you in the middle of the night and are simply not pleasant to look at. What is worse than seeing one you may ask? Well, knowing that more could be hiding in your home! Here are some of the most common hiding places in your home, along with things you can do to help to prevent roaches from taking residence with you.

Kitchen Appliances

Common spaces include the back of a microwave, refrigerator and oven. In addition, your countertop appliances such as toasters, coffee makers and mixers can also be roach resorts. Kitchens are often warmer, have moisture and a great place for roach grocery shopping (well, actually, bits of food debris!). Wipe appliances down after meals and use, clean under countertop appliances, vacuum and mop with regularity, carry the trash out and keep sink drains and traps clear. Doing these items eliminates major roach attractants.


Roaches can easily sneak into cupboards to feast on bits of food and crumbs that may have spilled. Clean your cabinets and pantries regularly to make them less attractive. Store foods like grains, pastas and pet foods in air-tight containers. Of course, keep them sealed!


Crumbs and food particles can fall in between and under the keys of your computer. Some species of roaches are small enough to wriggle through gaps in the keyboard, and set set up camp in your computer. Make your electronics less attractive to roaches by setting them aside when you eat. Also, using canned air can help to keep your keyboards clean.


The plumbing that runs throughout your home tend to be in darker places, such as the basement and under sinks. In addition, factor in moisture from drip and leaks and you now have a cockroach haven! Be sure to regularly check your drains, pipes and faucets to make sure there no drips or leaks. Seal any cracks or holes around plumbing that leads to the outdoors, giving roaches one less access point.


Roaches may also camp out on (or in) your couches and chairs; especially if you tend to spill as you snack while watching (or streaming…it is 2019!) TV and movies. Even worse is that roaches can lay eggs in and on your furniture. Help stop this with regular vacuuming of upholstered furnishings and inspecting wooden furniture for egg casings that need to be cleared away.

Nooks & Crannies

Houses and apartments have all kinds of cracks and crevices that are cockroach hiding places. Areas like baseboards and trim, backs of picture frames, corners where you pile up the recycling, and more. Help by getting rid of stacks of debris that attracts roaches. Be sure to inspect your home, sealing all cracks and that baseboards and trim fit flush.

If you feel a bit unsettled knowing about these roach hiding places, you are not alone! Knowing the professionals at S&S Termite and Pest Control jump to your services when you call certainly helps to place your mind at ease. Contact S&S today so that a trained tech can inspect your home and customize a pest control plan that fits your needs.