It is not a matter of if termites will invade your home – it’s a matter of when. If you are becoming a new homeowner, S&S Termite and Pest Control recommends that you ensure the Auburn and Opelika home you are buying has a termite bond in place. 

Understanding Termites in Auburn and Opelika

Once termites find their way into your house, the destruction begins from the inside out. 

They can hollow out support beams, chew through walls, and worst of all, you may not see any signs of termite damage until it’s too late. 

Outward signs of damage include buckling wood, swollen floors or ceilings, areas that appear to be suffering from slight water damage, and visible mazes within walls or furniture. 

For most, their home is their largest investment, so don’t hesitate to get a termite bond ensuring that your property stays protected. 

What is a Termite Bond?

A termite bond is a warranty between you and a pest control company. 

The contract contains important information about the details of termite services provided, an outline for when scheduled services will occur, and details regarding pre-treatment and warranties. 

Termite bonds also typically include (but are not limited to) the following features:

  • Terms and Conditions: A termite bond typically lasts 1 to 2 years depending on the terms and conditions stated in the agreement. 
  • Inspections: An agreement for regular termite inspections for as long as the contract lasts. These can be monthly, annually, or on any agreed-upon schedule!
  • Treatment: Most treatments are usually covered by any termite bond to take care of termite issues that were just discovered. 
  • Retreatment: When a subsequent inspection uncovers new colonies of termites, a retreatment typically comes at no extra cost. 
  • Damage repair: Some termite bonds include a Repair Bond, which guarantees the company will repair any damage from an infestation after previous treatment. 

Note: Not all homes qualify for a Repair Bond, so it is recommended that you inquire about the eligibility and costs. 

Do You Need a Termite Bond in Auburn and Opelika?

Termites are extremely common across the south, and especially in Alabama. 

Whether your home is newly built or has a history with termite infestations, the best protection is the constant safety net that a termite bond provides. 

A pest inspection is also usually required before buying or selling, and a house with termites is more likely to cause failures in the buying or selling process. 

As small as they are, termites can cause serious damage. With a termite bond you can get help quickly and effectively which can ultimately save your home. 

Your peace of mind, safety, and satisfaction are our chief concerns, whether conducting termite control through termite bonds or other pest control services in your Auburn/Opelika, AL home.

If you need termite control services in Auburn/Opelika, contact S&S Termite and Pest Control today! 

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