Lake Martin, Alabama is one of the most beautiful parts of East Alabama and it’s no wonder that so many Alabama and Georgia residents choose to build lake homes on its waters.

However, like the rest of the land we inhabit, especially wetlands, we have to share our spaces with critters and pests. 

Most of these bugs are totally harmless to humans–all insects play an important role in the local ecosystems. Many, though, are annoying or downright harmful to humans and our property.

S&S Termite and Pest Control offers pest control services to the Lake Martin area in order to control the population of these bugs at your lake home.

Here we have compiled a list of common lake insects and ways that you can protect your Lake Martin home before calling S&S Termite and Pest Control.


Many Alabama residents don’t want cockroaches in or around their home simply because they think they are disgusting.

Not only are cockroaches off putting to many, they are also a pest that can destroy property and carry disease.

Cockroaches love rotting organic matter. 

So, whenever you have a get together at your Lake Martin home, be sure to clean up any food afterwards or else you may be welcoming in a load of cockroaches to feast on your barbeque!

Old, wet wood is also an attractive food source to the brown-hooded cockroach which is common throughout Alabama.


Termites are common pests in all of Alabama and Lake Martin homes are no different.

Here are some helpful tips to fight termites at your home:

Prevent Wood From Contacting the Ground

This affords termites that may be outside your home easy access to a food source.

With contact to the earth, the wood on your home’s exterior will deteriorate more quickly and these small cracks and crevices in the wood give a perfect opening for termites to crawl into.

Don’t Allow Water to Accumulate

With such a large body of water being so close to your home at Lake Martin, this may be more difficult than at other locations.

Water near the foundation of your home not only can work to deteriorate your home’s foundation, it also attracts termites.

Moist soil provides an ideal infesting situation for termites.

Don’t Store Wood Near Your Home

Woodpiles provide another easy food sources for termites and can also attract other, larger pests.

Like leaving food out after a get together, a wood pile provides an ideal food source for termites.

Call S&S for Lake Martin Pest Control

One of the best ways to prevent termites and cockroaches along with other pests at Lake Martin is to hire a professional pest control company.

At S&S Termite and Pest, we have the expertise and skills needed to keep your lake home pest-free.

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