As we approach the final stretch of summer in Alabama, we still have some hot days filled with all kinds of insects. However, as a homeowner or property manager in Auburn or Opelika, it really is never too early to begin preparation for pests that the upcoming season will bring.

Though many pests become much less active in the fall months, there are still numerous insects that can make a home on or in your home.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets become most aggressive during the fall months in Alabama and for an insect that is already fairly aggressive compared to its stinging cousins like the honey bee or wasp, extra aggressive yellow jackets may spell trouble for Auburn/Opelika residents.

Knowing how to avoid a yellow jacket infestation is key. 

Here are some tips:

  • Keep trash covered and empty it as often as possible. Yellow jackets are always searching for an easy, sweet treat and overflowing garbage bins provide just that. This is why spectators at rec league, high school, college, or professional fall football games will often see yellow jackets swarming around the trash at the end of the bleachers.
  • Be on the lookout for nests. Alabama has recently seen an uptick in what scientists are calling “super nests.” Don’t let a small infestation around your home become a serious threat to your family’s health. Call a professional pest control company if you encounter one of these massive yellow jacket nests.

Stink Bugs

Most Alabamians can easily recognize the “little stinkers” that begin to search for a warmer home to spend the winter when temperatures start cooling in the early fall months.

Though these pests are serious problems for many farmers in Alabama, other than the foul odor that stink bugs produce whenever they are threatened, they cause little direct harm to people that are not directly concerned with an annual crop yield. However, few people want to see these insects crawling along their interior walls or flying through their living rooms.

Ensure that cracks and crevices in the walls or openings along door seams are sealed so that stink bugs don’t have easy access to your home’s interior.


Ladybugs normally serve as insect control outside your home during the summer months, but they begin to look for warmer places to live as temperatures drop in late fall. The inside of your Auburn/Opelika home is just the place.

With the putrid smell that they emit and the yellow liquid they secrete (this can stain flooring and furniture inside your home), ladybugs can be serious nuisances for homeowners.

As with stink bugs, make sure that these tiny insects don’t have an easy entry into your home.

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