Many Auburn and Opelika homes are build on top of crawl spaces.

These homes are built with crawl spaces underneath in order to decrease construction costs of moving large amounts of dirt to flatten the ground before building and to provide a convenient space for builders to install HVAC systems and other necessary piping.

With Alabama being one of the rainiest states in the nation, crawl spaces can often pose moisture problems for homeowners. Coupled with the access that many crawl spaces provide through air vents, termites in crawl spaces are often a problem for homeowners.

Why Termites Are in Your Crawl Space

Poor Ventilation

When a home’s crawl space is poorly ventilated, moisture collects in vulnerable areas. Not only does moisture rust metal and help to break down brick and wood, it also provides an inviting environment for several types of pests, including termites.

Water Draining From Outside

In Auburn and Opelika we get 52 inches of rain every year. If your home has a faulty drainage system, then a portion of this water may be seeping into your crawl space and causing it to become the perfect environment for termites.

Storing Wood Near Your Foundation or Crawl Space

As most know, wood is a food source for termites. So, if there is a stack of cut wood for firewood or brush and debris stored around your foundation, termites will be much more attracted to your home.

With the ease of access that many crawl space seals provide, it is no feat for termites to scurry from a wood pile into your home.

How to Remove Termites From Your Crawl Space

Termite removal is best carried out by professional termite removal companies. If you have a termite infestation in your Auburn or Opelika home and need them to be removed before more damage is done to your home, contact S&S Termite and Pest Control.

Preventing Termites From Entering Your Crawl Space

Keep Your Crawl Space as Dry as Possible

Check the pipes under your home and in your crawl space for any leaks and have them repaired as soon as possible.

Install a dehumidifier in your crawl space and seal it. Installing flexible downspout and drainage pipes to divert water away from the home’s foundation is another effective way to keep outside water from getting in your crawl space.

Store Wood Away From Your Home

Like any other animal, termites are always searching for the next good meal. Since woodpiles are a buffet for termites, if you remove these food sources from around your house, then termites will be less likely to come around your home and enter your crawl space.

Hire an Auburn/Opelika Pest Control Company

Pest control companies have years of experience fighting termites in crawl spaces and they have the tools to get rid of them.

Whether you need to have termites removed from your Auburn/Opelika home or you want to take measures in preventing a future termite infestation, S&S Termite and Pest can get the job done.

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